The lost human “touch”!!

Reading about the new high tech gadgets and devices that are going to come out in the year 2010, I had mixed feelings. I have always liked to read reviews and watch the pictures of new gadgets, coming out frequently. And dream of owning one or the other of these devices.

The rate at which innovation is happenning in modern times is truly amazing. We seem to be going ahead by leaps and bounds as each year passes.

e-book readers seem to be the new wave of the season; completely erasing the necessity of carrying a volumnious book with you all the time. The plus points are portability, readability of screens even in bright sunlight,and long battery life. A fab invention after the i-pod. Reading from cute netbooks and colorful laptops is nothing new; but a little device meant for reading your favorite novel on the go is really exciting.

3D technology is also making an entry into the commerical market this year. Movies like Avatar and Walt Disney’s ToyStory2 and earlier flicks are already out. Soon, we would be watching TV with those 3D glasses and getting a feel of being inside the TV screen physically.

The internet and social computing have already resulted in the creation of a huge virtual world, with its large pool of “netizens”. Thanks to facebook, we can poke our friends even when they are sitting in the remotest corner of the globe. Online games and avatars encourage us to take new personas in virtual world, unthinkable of in reality. I can be a farmer and grow crops and keep cattle on Farmville, sitting in the lanes of one of the busiest cities in the world; be a virtual don or gangster on Mafiawar with absolute clean criminal records in reality!! (LOL!!)

We have grown up to our virtual avatars to such an extent that very recently, one of my colleagues commented on my absence from FB for sometime, though we meet everyday at work. I found this amusing, somehow. No doubt FB is influencing our daily lives in a big way. From, the “Unfriend” option of FB, now declared as an official word by Oxford to recently, doing a privacy change for 350 million users worldwide!! FB is literally ruling our world. Like a SSN (Social Security No.), it has become a “Social Identity”.

However technically advanced the “Touch” technology may be, with touch phones and touch computers,  its the human touch that is losing ground.  We have become so mechanized and occupied with these gadgets that we forget to appreciate the smaller nuances of life. The human bonding, friendship and attachement, can it be found in online community or online social networking; don’t think so!!

All change is for good and perhaps its the only permanent thing in this universe. The world is actually shrinking, but the fact that its actually creating spaces between us humans, cannot be denied.

As rightly said,All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.”  ~Mark Kennedy

3 thoughts on “The lost human “touch”!!

  1. Yes..I agree with you. Nothing is better than calling a friend to check what’s happening in his/her life rather than getting to know through tweets/status updates etc.. I feel that we all have allowed technology to master us rather than we mastering it.

  2. A cool write up!! I absolutely stand by your view. Advancement in Technology is eroding human touch in most of the things today. Pity tat we still seem to support the advent of technology!

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