Truth is out there…. on the internet!

If you would shut your eyes and pretend not to see, hear or bother about what’s happening around you, it would still happen, it would still be the truth and the reality that you would so like not to be there. Rather if the truth or the reality discomforts you so much, isn’t it logical that you do something about it and change it. Well, only if our politicians were this logical.

This week started off with the unfathomable ire of Indian government against the social network giants worldwide. The reason being that some people in the government can’t take criticism in a good spirit and they have so much of free time that they read each and every post about themselves on Facebook, Google or other blogs. Gosh, now we know why the government is so dysfunctional and is working at a snail’s pace. Only if the people in the govt. understood that life is not a popularity contest, rather its about the way you do your work and change the world around you. Well, the govt. is definitely changing the world for us by making it even more difficult due to inflation, scams and corruption. Therefore, shouldn’t these and numerous other existing issues of the nation be concentrated upon, rather than the govt. behaving like a teenager and complaining about its popularity on Facebook!!

Another way to look at this is aren’t we going the China way in curbing the freedom of the media and internet, and is this justified!! Then why do we even call ourselves democratic, for the way the govt. has behaved in the past with some of the anti-govt. processions doesn’t normally happen in a democratic set up. If you would ask me, I feel the Indian govt. is behaving like a mad bull, desperately trying every move to save its face, popularity and gather support but quite opposite happens every time it does so.

What I am quite curios about is what comment or post exactly hurt the Congress govt. so much!! Is it the sea of information available on the internet about the Gandhi family, starting from secrets of Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi’s Italian stories or Rahul Gandhi’s passport name!! Wasn’t much of it known to the public even earlier, if not all.

The point I am trying to make is that it doesn’t really matter to the public who are they governed by, if the governance is good. Its plain professionalism at work, if you are really good at your work no one would really bother about what you are doing in your personal space or have done in the past. The greatest example to prove this would be the infamous Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair, where Bill Clinton accepted his mistake and was also re-elected for the second term not only because he was honest about his mistake but also because all that US citizens expected from him was good governance!


I couldn’t think of any other title for this and that too, on the eve of Republic day of India. Anytime that I have switched on the television to catch some news since past so many months, all that has been making headlines are protest marches, angry mobs, people unhappy with their governments and political leaders. A phenomena that has become universal due to sky-rocketing inflation and high unemployment rates. Seriously, looks like the principal of democracy which boasts about fundamental rights and power to general public, has taken a beating. And, under the present circumstances it is driving people CRAZY!!

Has democracy as a principle of governance failed? Because aren’t the top bosses, whom we are castigating today, been voted to power by us at some point of time. Anyways, I’m no political science expert to reach a conclusion on the failure of democratic establishment globally or make educated judgments and pass remarks.

However, I have come across an interesting observation amongst all the outrage against established and democratic rule in different parts of the globe apart from spiraling inflation and soaring unemployment rates. That is the underlying feeling of hatred and disgust for all the national leaders in different countries undergoing crisis. And ironically, all these leaders had been topping the popularity charts at one point of time.

Closer home, Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, now in his second term, has been recently voted by the Time Magazine as one of the most influential global leaders and most respected among his peers. Currently, he is facing a crisis situation due to various corruption charges against his government and losing support and faith among general public. American head of state Barack Obama took charge amongst so much of pomp and show, but has not been able to prove himself substantial, so far. French PM Zarkozy is as unpopular in his country as his other counter parts, globally. Tunisia which is currently making news for civil unrest (and also the fact that many people have been trying to locate it on maps!!), has similar story; as the masses are going mad at the Prime Minister and President (already fled the country) for price rise. And probably for Italian President Berlusconi, popularity was never his forte’ as he has always found himself under crisis and been named in numerous scams. I think that explains why these leaders can’t stop praising each other whenever they get a chance in different global meets, because that is the only way they get any form of appreciation. Pun Intended!

With so much of animosity for these leaders and masses becoming hostile against their governments due to underlying corruption, no wonder an institution and idea like Wikileaks is an instant hit among general public. No surprises why New York Times wants to imitate its business model. People want to understand the reality and watch their corrupt leader’s pride being torn apart. Apparently, it takes revolutionary minds and absolute courage like Julian Assange of Wikileaks, to take on the crookedness behind democracy, head on.

Perhaps, Chruchill made the following statement out of sheer clairvoyance.

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” – Winston Churchill

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