“Shoo! Shoo! Writer’s Block..”

“No, Writer’s Block.. Stay Away From Me!! Shoo Shoo..”

An actor dreads the day he/she is all expressionless and can’t give the best shot. A singer is scared of the days he/she has a bad throat. A TV anchor fears the day he keeps forgetting the lines. And, the circumstance a writer frets the most is not having anything on mind to write about, a deadlock situation famously known as the writer’s block.

Now, one can argue that the world around us is full of so much interesting stuff, events, theories and people; how is it even possible for someone to not get an idea to pen down. Well, for a writer/blogger its one of those miserable days when nothing fits the bill and the words that are penned down fail to make any sense. Its just one of those days when the right part of our brain, which by the way is more creative than the left part, decides to snooze off indefinitely. A result of brain activity being disrupted on the right side.

Blogging being a customary and routine activity for me; I am not lucky either to be devoid of such situations when I fail to get any motivation to pen down something interesting. It is exasperating in a way because it is like the moment of truth. Also, there is a constant nervousness that this unimaginative and uninspired situation is going to be permanent. “My creative box is empty”! That’s the feeling I generally have during these times.

To recharge my creative batteries during these times, I take refuge in other activities like reading. Honestly confessing, this is the time I take inspiration from my fellow WordPressers and blog buddies to start afresh and look for ideas by reading their blogs.

Imagination is the driving force behind all the creation in the world and it is immortal.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Take away my sanity, but spare my imagination ~ Yours Truly 🙂

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Obsessed over blog stats? : Confessions of an addicted blogger

Dreaming about blog statistics and blog charts!! Welcome to the world of blog addiction. One of the most common indications of an avid blogger.

Thanks to WordPress Post A Day 2011 and WordPress Post A Week 2011!! It is keeping bloggers like me at the toes all the time. (Or rather at the fingers!! 😉 ) The thinking cap is on all the time and no idea that comes out of mind goes unnoticed. Because any idea might be interesting enough to be converted into a post and blogged about.

One personal mission for me on WordPress blog is to cross 20,000 hits this year, which currently stands at 6,500 something. (Too ambitious, huh!! I hope not. 🙂 )

Nothing makes an enthusiastic blogger like me feel better than seeing those high bar graphs presenting the number of hits during a day on WordPress blog. For me the highest clicks on a single day has been 188. (Whoopee!!) I still remember my first reaction when I saw that tall tower on my blog stats page. I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief and checked if something was wrong. 😉 And if, it is followed by a few comments from fellow WordPressers, blog buddies and others. It just makes my day.

Another thing that adds to the excitement is the search words that are being used to find my blog. And I get an instant high 😉 to see my blog’s name directly being typed into search engine to access my blog. It somehow makes me feel like a celebrity and gives me those few seconds of fame. 🙂  That’s one remarkable and miraculous power to reach out to the world with the speed of light!!

Good luck with all your blogging missions this year!

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