So, What’s New in New Year?

i-may-not-be-there-yet-but-im-closer-than-i-was-yesterday.jpgAnother year gone by and you start to wonder if things have really changed for you, or is it just a new digit at the end of the date showing up on your smart phone and laptop. It is true that not all the passing years will have the same pace of change in your own personal life, but sometimes the pace can be too sluggish, monotonous and exasperating. This can happen especially when you are trying to change certain things in your life like trying to – get a new job, move to a different city, find a decent partner or get into a stable relationship, save enough for life’s big investment, anything that you’re clinging onto with volumes of hope but things don’t really seem to be moving. Sometimes, even if you aren’t planning on changing anything in your life, the sameness of everyday, that daily mundane and humdrum existence can take the ‘New’ out of ‘Happy New Year’.

Life altering big changes might sometimes take time to transpire and the improvements we wish do happen after all, but in a different way. Life has a different and better plan for you, remember? By making small changes in our daily lives we can still kill the routine and embrace happiness, or maybe try to tweak our master plan a bit to pace up things. The small changes we put into our life each day, each hour will finally lead us to bigger achievements we are hoping for. Nevertheless, start the year with a positive attitude and believe in the master plan of the universe.

One great thing about hope is that it never dies. – Yours Truly.. 🙂

Personally for me, 2015 was a mixed bag of emotions with intense moments, sighs of frustration with multiple patience tests, and unforgettable memories of loved ones. Some things really worked out the way I hoped for, while some opportunities were missed no matter how hard I tried.

Things, at any certain point in your life, may not be the way you hoped for in your mind. Correction, actually things will never be the way you hope for in your life, because let’s face it – life is a mess. And an ideal condition exists in theory, much as fairytales happen in story books. The truth is today will never be more perfect for you than it is today, at this moment. Life is a work in progress at each moment and hence, never say never.

I have been addicted to the new song “Half the world away” by Oasis, and it just ends perfectly for me – I’ve been lost, I’ve been found. But I don’t feel down”.

Watch the video and if you wanna sing along, find the lyrics below. Happy 2016.

“Half The World Away” Lyrics

I would like to leave this city

This old town don’t smell too pretty and

I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

And when I leave this island

I book myself into a soul asylum

I can feel the warning signs running around my mind


So here I go

I’m still scratching around in the same old hole

My body feels young but my mind is very old

So what do you say?

You can’t give me the dreams that are mine anyway

You’re half the world away

You’re half the world away


And when I leave this planet

You know I’d stay but I just can’t stand it and

I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

And if I can leave this spirit

I’ll find me a hole and I’ll live in it

I can feel the warning signs running around my mind


So here I go

I’m still scratching around in the same old hole

My body feels young but my mind is very old

So what do you say?

You can’t give me the dreams that are mine anyway

You’re half the world away

You’re half the world away

I’ve been lost, I’ve been found

But I don’t feel down

You’re half the world away

I’ve been lost, I’ve been found

But I don’t feel down

I don’t feel down

Risked it All – I did it All

risk 2

We live in a funny world where successful attempts of risks are celebrated and unsuccessful attempts or failures are frowned upon! The cultural pressure of surviving a failed risk psychologically (let alone financially), at times exceeds the efforts that would take to succeed the very first time. Hence, risk takers are so hard to come across.

One of the biggest regrets in my life (Yes, I have regrets! I am not perfect.) is that I did not take enough risks to follow my passion(s) earlier on in my life. The fear of failure and playing it safe can be the biggest cause of failure. (What an irony of life, isn’t it?) The sooner one realizes that, the better. Sadly, we are brought up in an environment that teaches kids from a young age to take the safer route, have regular and conventional hobbies – most of the times not leaving any room for creative mindset building, out-of-the-box thinking. That’s just the way our society is, people appreciate creative art works and unconventional ideas when they are having “intelligent discussions”, but refrain from inculcating a culture of these for the future generation.

I am not against conventional mindset, it is equally important for the society. Being part of the millennial generation who survived the 2008 economic crisis marginally by a few months, I know the value of a well-paying established “conventional” job (to pay-back education loans!). Walking into my job interview a couple of months later, would have meant that there actually would have been no job to be interviewed for in the first place, a plight many of my friends did go through during that period.

At the same time, I do believe many of us let our creative ideas and passions die in the process of having a “conventional” life and regular routine. Also, you see many eyes rolling at those who follow their passion and take a break from the nine-to-five routine.

I remember someone at work telling me, “Why are you doing this? This is absolutely pointless.”, when I was making a crucial career move by following one of my passions costing me much of my life’s savings, which seemed risky (maybe even fatal) to some. I just smiled at him and told myself “You would never understand.” (Yeah, I love sarcasm style of humor! Don’t you? 😉 ) And don’t get me wrong here, I do believe in collective growth. Given a chance, I would love to be an agony aunt and give a lecture on the importance of following one’s passion and taking worthwhile risks. (This blog is intended for the same.) In-fact sometimes I feel sorry for those who don’t realize that by playing it safe, they are actually risking it all. But as the saying goes, ‘Unsolicited advice is seldom appreciated’ and more often than not a risk taking attitude is ridiculed and laughed upon.

Recently during a crisis situation, someone gave me the best advice in life  – with risk comes failures of all kinds and if you’re addicted to taking and enjoying risks, simply suck it up and endure it. (Yes, I Tweeted about it! I like to keep things dramatic. 😀 )

You gotta enjoy the bad days as much as you enjoy the good ones, and as they say there are more bad days in life than good ones. So may be you need to enjoy the bad ones more! And, I simply cannot describe the inner satisfaction I feel when all that hard work, tense moments, agony and hardships of following your passion pay off. (I cried during one such moment in my life. Happy tears, ofcourse! 😀 )

Absolutely adore the song by One Republic, inspires me to the core every time I listen to it.

Hope when you take that jump
You don’t fear the fall
Hope when the water rises
You build a wall

Hope when the crowd screams out
They’re screaming your name
Hope if everybody runs
You choose to stay

Hope that you fall in love
And it hurts so bad
The only way you can know
Is give it all you have

And I hope that you don’t suffer
But take the pain
Hope when the moment comes
You’ll say…

I did it All

I owned every second
That this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone
I swear I lived

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Life has a better plan..


Have you ever wanted something so badly in life and then didn’t have it your way.. only to realize at a later point that not getting what you wanted was exactly the right thing to happen at that point in time. You realize that you’re a much better and wiser person because of that one incident of deprivation you went through. (And hey, I am not talking about a ‘grapes are sour’ like feeling here!)

And after the suffering you endured, it feels better, much better to have passed that test and you realize you’re a changed person.

It almost seems surreal after everything is in the past, as you think of yourself ‘a crazy, insane lunatic’ to have wanted that thing in first place. It has happened with me many a  times. I keep obsessing and fantasizing, and wanting things the way they are in my head.. but life knocks my plans down all the time. When things don’t go my way, I think of it as cruel to have happened to me but then sometime in the future (after weeks or months or an year), the universe reveals it’s rationale to me. That’s when I say to myself, “Oh yeah right! What was I thinking in the first place?”.

Steve Jobs said, “Customers don’t know what they want”.

That’s true for us in real life, too. The truth is, we don’t know what we actually need and what is good for us.  Hence, we cling to things or circumstances or people that seem good to us at the moment. But we are meant for more, much more.. and that precisely, is the reason that life drives us to a different direction that’s better for us.

It doesn’t get any better..

The truth is, it doesn’t get any better! May be life will get worse still, at some point.


But there will be enough moments with your loved ones, or doing what you love all alone, or simply moments when you’re having a good time among people that will make you get through all of it. And may be you’ll even feel it’s all worth it after all.. so suck it up!!


Don’t bother about others opinion of you.
Do something new, go places you’ve never gone, talk to strangers and life will seem beautiful all over again. Because hey, it’s not like anyone has any better formula to life!!


Life is not just about that one moment, thing, person that matters (mattered) to you! Life is much more than has a better plan for us than we could plan for ourselves. And as long as one believes in that, we can get thro’ no matter what.


Love this song by Eels! (The video is hilarious too.)


Do you know what it’s like to fall on the floor
And cry your guts out ’til you got no more
Hey man now you’re really living

Have you ever made love to a beautiful girl
Made you feel like it’s not such a bad world
Hey man now you’re really living

Now you’re really giving everything
And you’re really getting all you gave
Now you’re really living what
This life is all about


Trust love, one more time. ~ Maya Angelou

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time. ― Maya Angelou (April 4 1928 – May 28 2014) 

Today marks a sad day in the global literary field as a prominent author and a huge inspiration to readers like me passed away. Yes, I’m talking about Maya Angelou, the famous American writer. I have always been inspired by her writings and her optimism.



The lines quoted above are among my personal favorite. I first came across these lines as a marketing student studying about how customer experiences register with customers, and why it is important to create memorable moments for them. But these are true for life in general as well — for when you remember a person, most of the times its is because of the way they made you feel though you hardly ever remember the exact things they said!

Maya Angelou – Rest in peace, power to you and your words! Here’s another one. Source – Mashable.


Believe in you..

Belief is a loaded word! Belief or faith carries a huge weight in our lives.

The whole world revolves around belief, the belief in the greater goodness and the hope that good times would embrace us in future. As much as we talk about living in the moment and enjoying each day to the fullest, the truth is – the strong belief of a better tomorrow drives that strength to carry on and face each day with a smile knowing that failure or bad news may just be a day away. It won’t be wrong to say that our believes pretty much guide our lives.

I may be a hardcore and shameless optimist, self-proclaimed philosopher and the queen of wishful thinking! But everyone has those grey moments of self-doubt, when you question your own existence and the rationale behind your beliefs. When every single development around you tells you that it was all wrong in the first place. (yeah, you can definitely tell I am having those self-doubts again 😛 )

Learning not to believe once your belief fails you, is not a sign of strength. To believe again knowing the risks, therein lies the thrill. Never stop believing!!

And till your belief comes true, you can pretend that your ship’s not sinking.. love this song from Pretty Woman soundtrack.

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Happiness knows no bounds..

Real happiness doesn’t know any boundaries of reasons and it needs no explanation. It lies within oneself and finally, all comes down to the “glass half full or half empty” attitude in life.

More often than not, in life all of us have reasons to smile, more than one or two or three reasons. It’s incredible though how happinessconveniently we choose to ignore these reasons, even forget them and focus on what we don’t have. The “have nots” in life will always outweigh the “haves”. It’s the simple ‘law of scarcity’ in economics!!

In the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, the main character justifies her impulsive buying behavior saying, “When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.”  Anything that seems out of our bounds and limits is desirable. Amazing as it is.. the jubilation of attaining that – what is desired – is short lived and fizzles out, evaporates in thin air. Now you know why I always say, Life is “funny” all the time. 🙂

The traditional mindset that happiness always inter-relates with a reason is not false, but it is definitely not for the long run. We don’t realize the amount of time, effort, energy we give up on waiting for happiness to knock on our door – that car I never had, the branded shoe I couldn’t buy, the job I am planning to take up, and the list is endless. Real happiness lies in smiling at simplest joys of nature and life, not worrying about how tomorrow’s gonna look like. If one can do that everyday of their life.. then you have lived fully, each and every moment of everyday. Some wishful thinking that is, huh!!


But hey, we all are work in progress! And most of us even in our busy schedules find out a reason to smile at something completely irrelevant to us, or simply appreciate nature. It’s not too hard! Agreed that happiness without a reason, is easier said than done – an idealistic scenario. Even as I write this, one part of my brain simply can’t stop thinking about the current impending concerns of my life. The demons inside us come back to haunt us sooner or later.

“The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.” – George Bernard Shaw

I find a lot of debate going on about this particular quote by GB Shaw and whom he considered or portrayed as superior in this statement. The ‘drunken man’ is ‘happy’ because he knows no tomorrow and ‘believes’, but is illogical and irrational at the same time considering his inebriated state. While, the ‘skeptic’ is more ‘sober’ and rational. This is the general belief. I have a different take on this! A ‘believer’ is ‘happy’ as he is an optimist and refuses to acknowledge that his belief would fail him. (Simply, discarding the believer because it equates with the drunken state of mind is not acceptable to me.)

More often that not, that belief is what would make everything fall in place – however, the means to achieve may differ. I am not propagating here that we start believing life is a fairy tale. But we can definitely believe that we can make it to be one, in our own way. Reality is far more interesting than a fairy tale.


The word confidence makes me slightly nervous, for I have never really understood its meaning. Yeah alright, I know the dictionary meaning which probably is the state of being certain about one’s actions, decisions, etc.

But when someone wants to know if I am a confident person, or if I am confident about an idea, decision..well, it makes my heart sink a bit. What if, I am wrong at the end! Yeah, now you know.. I get intimidated easily, at least in my mind if not on the exterior. But so do most of the people, don’t they! (At least, my experience with the world so far tells me that.)

Everyday we live fearing the consequences of our own decisions on our future, or others around us. Everyday we have to put on a tough and smiling exterior to show the world that we are confident, when inside we have no idea what’s gonna happen the next second. At workplace or personal space, any decision that you take ain’t gonna come with a guarantee.

Everyday we fear that others might realize that we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing and that we’re gonna be exposed. For me, I constantly live dreading the day when someone with a lot of might will tell me at my face,“Bugger off kiddo, you are a good for nothing, brainless idiot.” And you know what, the amazing part is it may have happened to me already a couple of times, although the words used were different but more or less meant the same thing. (I am not making a very good impression here, am I! :D) The point to be noted here is that I survived and I am proud of it, not so much proud of being brainless though.

The other day I was discussing with a close friend of mine on how important it is to believe in yourself and where does that belief come from. Well, over the years I have realized that self-belief is a divine and special feeling, that moment when you know that you’re gonna be in the safe zone no matter what! For me personally, that self belief comes from my worldly knowledge and experience so far, engaging in general good practices, being sincere and apolitical. After all, there is no unselfish act and you can expect good for yourself when you’re good. That’s where my teeny weeny confidence comes from, if you would ask me. Nevertheless, unfortunate incidents of being exposed may still happen. (Blame it on your Karma 🙂 )

“Be brave, take risks! Nothing can substitute experience.” ~ Paulo Coelho …… That’s another way of looking at it. The thought of learning something new and trying something different should make one more confident in daily lives. But there’s a catch to it, especially when you don’t want things to go wrong, in case the decisions can be life changing ones.

Just remember, everyone is sailing on the same boat and is equally vulnerable and scared to death inside. So when people tell me I am a brainless idiot, I know what’s really going on inside them and smile back.“The best part about realizing everyone is faking it, is that you get to stop faking it yourself. Now, that’s something I am really good at.. Being Genuine! 🙂

“Everyday I fight for all my future somethings
A thousand little wars I have to choose between
I could spend a lifetime earning things I don’t need
That’s like chasing rainbows and coming home empty
And if you strip me, strip it all away
If you strip me, what would you find
If you strip me, strip it all away
I’ll be alright
Take what you want steal my pride
Build me up or cut me down to size
Shut me out but I’ll just scream
I’m only one voice in a million
But you ain’t taking that from me..”

When I started penning this post on confidence sometime back, I stumbled upon this beautiful piece written by a fellow WordPresser featured on Freshly Pressed. Some of the ideas in this post are inspired from her post. What my 20s Taught Me: Everyone’s faking it

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Quite often, there are times in life when you feel that you don’t fit in to the world around you. And the world doesn’t help you much in getting over that feeling, as well. After all, the world is only kind to you if you put up a brave, smiling face and radiant attitude all the time. Else, no one cares. That’s the bitter truth of life!!

Of course, most of these depressing thoughts, the “I AM USELESS” crap, lies inside your brain. As the saying goes, “A man is slave to his thoughts”. You become what you think! And more often than not, these very gloomy people are the kind of audience and mindset targeted by self-help experts. And chances are high that people undergoing such feeling would end up in the “Motivational” section of the book shops. (Of course, I am no exception to these 😉 )

People have different ways of coping with this kind of depressing feelings. Some read books, cultivate hobbies – gardening, cooking, philately, and so on and so forth. Some have very different, unique and at times very weird ways. I know some people who have excessive cleaning syndrome – impulsive behavior to clear up mess – when they get tensed or excited. These are therapeutic ways and can at times provide instant clarification to the disturbing thoughts running across your mind.

I prefer listening to some good music to cheer me up. Any peppy number with attractive beats and rhythm lifts up my spirits within no time. Swimming is another interesting stress reliever, that I am fond of. Then there is writing which provides me an absolute relief.

Different things work for different people. You can choose to swim through your thoughts, write through them or clean through them to reach a way out. Makes no difference, as long as you are content with the outcome. The highs in life determine the lows and vice-versa hence, make your own mistakes.

Make a wish, take a chance, make a change And breakaway..

Each time I listen to this song, I end up feeling excited and rejuvenated.

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