About Me..!!

This blog space is the creation of Aditi, a marketing professional in the much talked about and hyped IT World!! It represents the universe of my thoughts, the world as I see from my red glasses. A “self proclaimed philosopher” by birth, I usually have a take on most of the things.

Life is “funny” all the time. Each day is like a test whether its your work place or your personal life, you have to continuously struggle with your mind and come out with solutions to deal with the numerous incidents happening all round. And in the end, what matters is not whether you came up with the best solution to a given problem, but how smartly you could execute the solution that you chose! That’s the difference between the ideal world and the practical world, if you ask me.

People always learn the hard way, making mistakes, goofing up things, creating a mess of the whole situation or mixing up their personal and professional lives. I too, have been there and done all of that, since like most mortals even I am not perfect. But, coming out stronger and more matured is the most significant thing and after every low phase I have realized, how wise I have become. Its like destiny’s way of smiling at me and telling, “See, I told you!!”. As goes my favorite quote from the holy Bible, “This too shall pass.”

In this space, I have shared some of those learnings and mistakes. My blog mostly covers any random event, topic or incident which has forced me to stop for a second and think!! For the past few years, I have lived across different parts of India. I maintain a strict policy of not blogging about my work. Though at times, I do express thoughts on the Digital Trends and Technology industry.

I try to blog as religiously as possible, time and energy permitting. Hopefully you will find this blog fun and informative. I generally, provide links within the posts that connect to relevant articles where you may discover more, on the subject.

I love to hear from other bloggers and read their blogs because you do learn a lot from others experiences and thoughts, as well.

Do drop in to say Hi, if you enjoyed my blog!! Any kind of constructive criticism is absolutely invited. 🙂

7 thoughts on “About Me..!!

  1. An add on… Specially liked the serendipity article… One of my fav movies as well as belief… Whatever happens the way it happens as It was destined to this way…( Pls dont read me as lazy for that… lol )

    • Thanks Shweta..been long time since I updated my blog. You will be my inspiration now as you got me going again!! 🙂

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