That’s my favorite word, favorite movie and favorite theory!

You might think I am mad to believe in some vague concept like this, also I have come across a few critics of the movie, who think its way far from logic. But not everything on planet earth may have a reason behind it, isn’t it?? I guess, people like mystery and this concept has some amount of mystery associated with it..which I find so intriguing and attracting.

The word serendipity means a beautiful coincidence… (Well, might depend actually on what u call beautiful).. Some say that everything we do is destined to happen. You missed the bus or train today to office, cursing yourself for giving in to that tempting idea of a ten minutes extra sleep or taking long time in shower, but believers of this concept say it was destined to happen!! Funny ha.. You might be thinking how a minor, completely personal decision of your day-to-day life can be related to your destiny or fate!!

Honestly, even I don’t have the answer!! (Might well be feeling like beating me up, after reading till this point…)

If all I were to do in this life of mine, were pre-decided by destiny, some super-natural force or may be God, herself/himself (Don’t want to be gender biased…), why should I even get out of the bed in the morning, why don’t I leave everything on that so-called destiny of mine. This argument has existed and will continue all throughout the life of mankind and will simply go on and on; possibly, till the Judgement Day or Doomsday (Whatever they call it).

The other day, a friend of mine asked me an amazing question, “Do you believe in God?”.  For a moment I kept blinking at him….”whoaa what was that??”, I thought. And then, he went on to describe how everything confirming the existence of God can be verified by the theories in Physics. Astrologers also do calculations based on the birth timings and positions of planets and distance between them. Sounds perfectly logical..only wish life were this logical too!!

In the movie titled Serendipity, the same message of an unseen, unexplained force guiding our lives has been given by narrating a romantic love story, two souls that were destined to meet each other.  Inspite of all the different routes that took them apart, they were brought together. I know, this sounds completely awesome for a romantic Hollywood flick, but not life. But at times, even in life I come across events or happenings over which I have no control, howsoever I keep pondering over them. If the impact is positive I say, “I am lucky” and if otherwise, I would say “I guess, I am having a bad day”. My sister introduced me to the concept of Karma which says whatever good or bad I have done in my past lives will affect my present. Another controversial topic, you can say.

Some things no one has control over and can never be explained, so better leave them to the supernatural or so called destiny and enjoy the moment. As goes my favorite dialogue from the Serendipity movie, “The Romans didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after someone died, ‘Did this man have passion?’”.

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