At the end of it all what matters is were you kind?

At the end of it all.. God just asks you one question – Were you a kind person?

No amount of – hours spent working hard, slogging your ass day in and day out; that hefty bank balance; lavish weekend parties you attend to get sloshed and post pretty pictures to your timeline to feed your ego; competing with your peer group for that brand new car, promotion or flat in an upmarket location; clothes and pretty stuff you click and buy, or splurge in malls – are going to really matter when your day arrives.

A few days back while sitting inside the pristine and tranquil hall of St. Paul’s Church, Kolkata, just a few meters away from the loud and cluttered city traffic, I was wondering about the way my life had shaped up so far. There were all these questions in my mind and I was trying to figure out how did I fare. Am I doing good for myself? Can I be considered successful or influential by some social measurement mechanism? Did I have enough? And then there were doubts and the scary questions.. Did I fall back as compared to my peer group and friends? Was I earning the least of all? Am I going to die alone? Am I really an also-ran?..

Strangely and suddenly at that very moment inside the ancient and timeless walls of the church, time seemed to have stopped, everything around seemed so peaceful, and all such questions and doubts seemed to me so small and silly when compared to your entire life and more important things in it.

Did I love enough? Did I allow an all-encompassing love to consume myself? Did I have passion? Did I keep on learning as I grew old? Did I help others to learn? Did I remain humble with my gains? And more importantly, was I a kind person?

The sprawling space inside the church hall between where I sat and the altar with Jesus on the cross, made me realize how less you need in life to be really happy! And at the end of it all, all that matters is were you kind enough..