Confessions of a brand social media manager

socialI won’t trade my area of work for anything in the world. (OK, may be owning an ice-cream store, or being a travel and fashion reporter! 😉 ) After years of experimenting and trying different stuff in marketing, countless hours spent in the meetings inside conference rooms wondering why the hell I’m there and having the urge to tell everyone in the room that the business strategy they are discussing is BS (at least, in my brain 😀 ), I stumbled upon social media marketing after doing a few social media projects and have really enjoyed it so far.

Working in social media professionally for a brand or a business comes with its shares of pros and cons, moments of ecstatic joy and sheer frustration. Others outside your field form different and ‘interesting’ (read condescending and demeaning 😦 ) opinions about your job. For some, you are this cool person with access to all the social networking sites even at work and they think you must be a really creative and smart chap blossoming with ideas. They come to you when they want to discuss about something intriguing they came across on Twitter, or that video that went viral, and quite often you feel flattered when they come to you to seek your opinion on new and innovative ideas they have about social and mobile apps.

Then there’s another set of friends and acquaintances (painfully, they are in the majority!! sigh!) who think your job description is so lame. Most of them openly criticize and make fun of your job in social gatherings and after a point you give up on explaining to them that your job is a lot more than pretty pictures and 140 characters! Not that conveying a brand message in 140 characters or through a picture is an easy job. A lot of time and effort has gone behind that picturesque Tweet or Facebook post on your timeline.

What you also can’t explain to people is that what is fun, addictive and a relaxing activity ‘away from work’ for most people, is actually work for you! You don’t scroll through your own timeline during free time anymore to see what your best friend Tweeted, or where is your crush holidaying on Instagram, or how many people liked the Facebook profile picture of your frenemy vis-à-vis yours. Since you work on social media round the clock, it sort of kills all the fun elements for you. Yes, it’s your dream job and you like that your work is so creative and instantly gratifying. But you don’t see these social media platforms in the ‘fun’ way like others do to spend time while not working, and constantly feel the need to find other ways to spend free time online or offline.

What’s empowering and really satisfying part about this job is that you (along with your team) are responsible for creating this brand image online that zillions of people across the world would come to perceive and base their opinions on about the brand  – via a single Tweet, picture, or Facebook post. The fact that you have been given this responsibility to create that brand image and perception online, is really a powerful position to be in.  Again, this is something that you can’t explain to the naysayers and the haters. 🙂



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It doesn’t get any better..

The truth is, it doesn’t get any better! May be life will get worse still, at some point.


But there will be enough moments with your loved ones, or doing what you love all alone, or simply moments when you’re having a good time among people that will make you get through all of it. And may be you’ll even feel it’s all worth it after all.. so suck it up!!


Don’t bother about others opinion of you.
Do something new, go places you’ve never gone, talk to strangers and life will seem beautiful all over again. Because hey, it’s not like anyone has any better formula to life!!


Life is not just about that one moment, thing, person that matters (mattered) to you! Life is much more than has a better plan for us than we could plan for ourselves. And as long as one believes in that, we can get thro’ no matter what.


Love this song by Eels! (The video is hilarious too.)


Do you know what it’s like to fall on the floor
And cry your guts out ’til you got no more
Hey man now you’re really living

Have you ever made love to a beautiful girl
Made you feel like it’s not such a bad world
Hey man now you’re really living

Now you’re really giving everything
And you’re really getting all you gave
Now you’re really living what
This life is all about


Believe in you..

Belief is a loaded word! Belief or faith carries a huge weight in our lives.

The whole world revolves around belief, the belief in the greater goodness and the hope that good times would embrace us in future. As much as we talk about living in the moment and enjoying each day to the fullest, the truth is – the strong belief of a better tomorrow drives that strength to carry on and face each day with a smile knowing that failure or bad news may just be a day away. It won’t be wrong to say that our believes pretty much guide our lives.

I may be a hardcore and shameless optimist, self-proclaimed philosopher and the queen of wishful thinking! But everyone has those grey moments of self-doubt, when you question your own existence and the rationale behind your beliefs. When every single development around you tells you that it was all wrong in the first place. (yeah, you can definitely tell I am having those self-doubts again 😛 )

Learning not to believe once your belief fails you, is not a sign of strength. To believe again knowing the risks, therein lies the thrill. Never stop believing!!

And till your belief comes true, you can pretend that your ship’s not sinking.. love this song from Pretty Woman soundtrack.

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Watch your words..

One bad thing about having decided not to blog about my work is that I miss out writing on so much stuff and venting about numerous incidents happening throughout the day. But a good part is that I get to focus on the other things I would actually love to write about; else my blog would become just a gossip ground. ;)

A bad day at work can really shoot up the mercury of your stress meter. And that's when my blog is my relief, my hideout. Most importantly, it makes me realize that my work is not the only prominent thing in my life. It helps me forget about the outside world (non-digital). Till the time I work on my blog,  my world is the Internet and my country is WordPress.

This reminds me about various organizations coming up with their Social Media Policies, restricting associates to discuss work online and elaborate on work related issues on different social media platforms. (This might explain another important reason why I do not blog about my work!! I don't wanna lose my job ;) )

Anyways, it is quite amusing and ironical at the same time, to witness how the power of social media has threatened mighty corporates and business giants. Any kind of publicity on social media (coming from employees, particularly), may not always be a GOOD PUBLICITY!! ;)

As rightly said by  the rock band Alter Bridge, Watch Your Words!! Enjoy the song..I absolutely adore the guitar intro.

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Confessions of a shopaholic…..!!


Confessions of a shopaholic…..!!

“Hurry!! Monsoon Sale! Upto 50% off!!”, read the ad in the newspaper. ‘And here comes the “Sale” season again’, I thought. Just when I had decided that I have had enough of shopping since last six months and won’t indulge in anymore for now. Having millions of different kinds of stylish, trendy clothes in my wardrobe, amusingly somehow, I still fall short of apt ones while getting dressed up for some event. There always seems to be a new style of top or a trendy capri that I miss out on!!

“Oh God!!! What I am gonna do now??”, after reading the ad I thought. “My wardrobe really doesn’t have any space now to accommodate any new ones”, I thought wisely, feeling really proud of my decision. But there was a devil sitting on the other side which said, “Oh, how could you possibly miss out on this?? Don’t buy anything, just go and have a look. Who knows…you might get a really nice deal for that new jeans you always dreamed about, or that new sweat shirt may be??” Now I was at cross-roads, double minded, really didn’t know what to do.

“But you really don’t need this”, again came the angelic side of my sub-conscious. Caught in the tug-of-war between two opposite frames of my mind, I decided to settle this issue later on. But throughout the day, I could not help thinking about the ad in the newspaper and the models flaunting colorful designer jackets and sunglasses. “OK, may be I will go and have a look over the weekend. I would just glance through everything. And I know, it won’t be worth giving a shot, becoz generally they have inferior designs on sale. The more appealing designs would be at original price, really expensive. So, I won’t end up spending lots, I am sure,” I was convincing myself. The devil inside me was dancing with joy, while the angel was devastated, wondering about the significance of its own existence.

I really do not forget commitments like this, so obviously, I was there inside the shopping mall next weekend. “Glancing” through everything, making sure I don’t miss out on anything special. I spotted a purple colored sweat shirt over a mannequin. It struck me because sometime back I saw the actress in a movie wearing the same color sweat shirt, and ever since then had dreamt about it. Lucky me…it was on sale. But even after a discount it was expensive for my budget. “Don’t worry madam, with our membership card you can have a 10% extra discount and on all other items too that are on sale.” Overjoyed to hear this, I ended up buying the sweat shirt and a lot more than I had planned to.

That week when I checked my account balance, well I had exhausted more than three fourths of that month’s salary over that completely unplanned shopping spree. Devil inside me stood proud feeling like the king of the moment, while the angel just evaporated somewhere……

Shopping is an excuse for a girl to runaway from the whole world when she is depressed, or celebrating the joy of a new job or achievement, giving in to that impulsive buying behavior, that makes one wonder about the buzzword these days, “Recession??”. Naah…things like this hardly matter to the fairer sex!!

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