Obsessed over blog stats? : Confessions of an addicted blogger

Dreaming about blog statistics and blog charts!! Welcome to the world of blog addiction. One of the most common indications of an avid blogger.

Thanks to WordPress Post A Day 2011 and WordPress Post A Week 2011!! It is keeping bloggers like me at the toes all the time. (Or rather at the fingers!! 😉 ) The thinking cap is on all the time and no idea that comes out of mind goes unnoticed. Because any idea might be interesting enough to be converted into a post and blogged about.

One personal mission for me on WordPress blog is to cross 20,000 hits this year, which currently stands at 6,500 something. (Too ambitious, huh!! I hope not. 🙂 )

Nothing makes an enthusiastic blogger like me feel better than seeing those high bar graphs presenting the number of hits during a day on WordPress blog. For me the highest clicks on a single day has been 188. (Whoopee!!) I still remember my first reaction when I saw that tall tower on my blog stats page. I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief and checked if something was wrong. 😉 And if, it is followed by a few comments from fellow WordPressers, blog buddies and others. It just makes my day.

Another thing that adds to the excitement is the search words that are being used to find my blog. And I get an instant high 😉 to see my blog’s name directly being typed into search engine to access my blog. It somehow makes me feel like a celebrity and gives me those few seconds of fame. 🙂  That’s one remarkable and miraculous power to reach out to the world with the speed of light!!

Good luck with all your blogging missions this year!

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5 thoughts on “Obsessed over blog stats? : Confessions of an addicted blogger

  1. Lol.. you read my mind. I am so addicted to the stats page that I feel narcissist :(. After al blogging isn’t about page views right? 😛 So I say to myself and quickly refresh the blog stats widget .. sigh ! I even got into this phase where I was trying to fit standard curves from statistics classes to the blog stats… HELP !

  2. Congratulations on your high towers of stats! I too love that feeling of being famous when someone types my name into a search engine! I’m so obsessed with my stats I dream about them. Oh wow, 99 hits first thing when I wake up, hooray. Oh, that was just a dream. 😉

    • Hey Simone.. thanks for the comment. I totally echo your feelings. Even, I dream about my blog all the time. Can’t wait to check your blog. 🙂

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