You Know What’s Really Sexy?


One of the nicest piece I have ever read. Had to record this somewhere to remind myself throughout life what sexy really means.

“Being really, really good at something–anything–and having the confidence to be that good and just let it speak for itself: that’s sexy. Being strong enough to speak up when you see an injustice and say, “That’s wrong.” That’s very, very sexy. Embracing every birthday with the attitude that you’re not one year older, but one year better. That’s sexy. Loving somebody with all your heart, even when he or she is not around to see it, that’s the epitome of sexiness. Being yourself, under all circumstances, being quietly and gracefully proud of who you are, and being selfless in sharing who you are with the world. That is not merely sexy, but divine.” — Robert Milton Ingram

P.S.: Discover more from the great writer and his music on YouTube.

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