Gandhian Brainwave – A Chapter Revised

Now, I have not seen Mahatma Gandhi nor lived during his times to realize the effect he had on the masses. I also confess that at times I have had questions about his ideologies and principles in the neo-liberal mind of mine. And many a times, I have debated over the significance of his non-violence movement towards Indian freedom and revolution in South Africa, with my friends and peer groups.

Notwithstanding, what we witnessed during last one week in India has totally erased any doubts that I had about the man famously known as the “Father of the Nation”. A man – Anna Hazare – with a similar personality to that of Gandhi, emerged from the masses to fight for the rights of the 1.2 billion people. While we were just wondering in complete amazement thinking why was he risking his life alone for the whole nation, he was fasting unto death with strong conviction to take the scamsters head on.

This movement was truly one of its kind across the globe. While, all the other movements happening widely are against anti-democratic rulers, ours was a fight against corruption in a democratic set up. We have witnessed movements in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia which got violent during the course, with even the NATO forces attacking the regime in Libya. At this time, no one could imagine a non-violent mass movement to fight for the rights of the common man and against corruption.

For the new hero, starving till death to fight against corruption ain’t a marketing gimmick, a political move or power tactics and yet he check mated all the politicos and his critics in a one man show. At the same time, he taught our generation a huge lesson – the power of the common man! A long forgotten lesson that the politicians are still struggling to deal with.

My genre, the Generation – Y has been majorly looked upon as a bunch of highly career focused individuals who like moving around in flashy cars and are only concerned about their take home salaries. And rightly so!! Politics, parliament and national issues have been the last thing that we care to bother about.

Corruption, scandals, scams are like synonyms for “News” in Modern India. For the last few months, there has been an expose or scam every week in the headlines. Government agencies and politicians have made a mess in the country while all wonder how to tackle the situation. Everyone has grievances but don’t know how to take things in control. At this point Anna Hazare’s movement is like a magnetic compass showing direction to a rudderless ship.

We have heard since long that it takes just one voice to bring about a change but we also had doubts. If it only takes one person to change the world for the better, why hasn’t it happened yet? The answer I guess is, because no one ever tried.

Well, I am going to do what once Michael Jackson said. “I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror, I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways”.

Also Read: Anna Hazare: India’s pioneering social activist – BBC

“I am very encouraged by what’s happened in India” – Julian Assange


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One thought on “Gandhian Brainwave – A Chapter Revised

  1. This is victory for truth. Calling it as victory for Sri Anna Hazare will be under rating the whole issue. Now at least our new generation will understand the power of truth…SATYAGRAH… and will not think the movement of Gandhi as story. Anna has demonstrated the power of TRUTH….POWER OF SATYAGRAH. Hence neither the Govt. has lost nor ANNA has won. It’s the victory of TRUTH and all are welcomed to join this new changing situation for a better future for the country as a whole. There is also message for separatists…. be it JK or northeast or any other part of the nation. If the issue is right…they will be listened by all and will be supported by all so they should take SATYAGRAH in place of violence. May be in fasting also few will die…but they still are dyeing in the path of violence.

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