This is the birth week of the tech icon and my favorite business leader – Steve Jobs. The co-founder and CEO of Apple turns 56 on February 24. A hard working and dedicated Piscean.. just like me!! 🙂

And the company is planning to use that day — a Thursday as opposed to the traditional Tuesday — to unveil the new notebooks and other product launches.

Last year, Jobs’ birthday coincided with the 10 billionth song sale in iTunes. This was a major landmark for the Apple product which revolutionized the distribution of music over the last decade in conjunction with the iPod. Though, Apple has never called for public attention of its CEO’s birthday, nevertheless Apple’s annual shareholder meetings often coincide with or near Jobs’ birthday, resulting in shareholders toasting him with the Happy Birthday anthem.

Steve Jobs took a medical leave earlier this year and he largely remains private about his own history and personal details, including his health. Last week, rumor mills were rife with the news that broke out stating Jobs has got just 6 more weeks to live due to terminal pancreatic cancer. Hoping he proves all the speculations as wrong.

His radiant persona and can-do approach is quite contagious. As a business leader, he has had his share of highs and lows. From, co-founding apple, been thrown out of Apple, to the CEO of the company again; he has seen it all in a roller coaster ride like life. Even after he was fired from Apple, he went on and founded a new firm NeXT, a computer platform development company specializing in the higher education and business markets. NeXT was lateron merged with Apple in 1996, when he joined back to save the company from troubled waters which he had co-founded around two decades back.

Often viewed by critics as individualistic, Steve Jobs banned all books published by John Wiley & Sons from Apple Stores in response to their publishing an unauthorized biography, iCon: Steve Jobs. He does not have an authorized biography till date. Always, dressed in black and blue in his public appearances, Fortune magazine has termed him as “biggest egomaniacs of the silicon valley”

A true champion who has battled the peaks and valleys in the business world and come out triumphant each time would definitely prove himself invincible in future too.

Photo Courtesy: http://tumb.deviantart.com/art/Steve-Jobs-portrait-36733419

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