Quite often, there are times in life when you feel that you don’t fit in to the world around you. And the world doesn’t help you much in getting over that feeling, as well. After all, the world is only kind to you if you put up a brave, smiling face and radiant attitude all the time. Else, no one cares. That’s the bitter truth of life!!

Of course, most of these depressing thoughts, the “I AM USELESS” crap, lies inside your brain. As the saying goes, “A man is slave to his thoughts”. You become what you think! And more often than not, these very gloomy people are the kind of audience and mindset targeted by self-help experts. And chances are high that people undergoing such feeling would end up in the “Motivational” section of the book shops. (Of course, I am no exception to these 😉 )

People have different ways of coping with this kind of depressing feelings. Some read books, cultivate hobbies – gardening, cooking, philately, and so on and so forth. Some have very different, unique and at times very weird ways. I know some people who have excessive cleaning syndrome – impulsive behavior to clear up mess – when they get tensed or excited. These are therapeutic ways and can at times provide instant clarification to the disturbing thoughts running across your mind.

I prefer listening to some good music to cheer me up. Any peppy number with attractive beats and rhythm lifts up my spirits within no time. Swimming is another interesting stress reliever, that I am fond of. Then there is writing which provides me an absolute relief.

Different things work for different people. You can choose to swim through your thoughts, write through them or clean through them to reach a way out. Makes no difference, as long as you are content with the outcome. The highs in life determine the lows and vice-versa hence, make your own mistakes.

Make a wish, take a chance, make a change And breakaway..

Each time I listen to this song, I end up feeling excited and rejuvenated.

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