The Expectation Gap


Anger is a funny thing!! ….During every sixty seconds of anger…. you lose out on one minute of life you could have passed on smiling and making others smile too.

Life is too short to waste it in a fury, frustration and grumbling over what you don’t have  control of. I know..I know but what I don’t know is how to control my emotions!!

Anger and frustration arrive instantly when there is a gap between expectations and realities of life. All of us have created a roadmap in our minds of how the way our life should turn out to be in near and farther future. And when things finally open up as life progresses, we find that this was not what we had thought of or planned rather!!  Some think, “I should have had a decent bank balance by now” or “a nice high profile job with a reputed firm”; “should have bought my first car by now”; “should have got married and settled by now”. Or frankly may be what I think sometimes, “Should have settled in New York by now” (For some reason I am obsessed by the city).

Sadly, more often than not, in life this is what happens!! When I look at people around me, I see dissatisfaction, discontentment with life. To me their lives appear perfect, but when I take a closer look I realize may be they need a shoulder to cry on more than I do. And this realization, does not mean that I become happy that perhaps I am better off..instead this leads me to think that this is how its gonna be always…I would always fall short of my expectations with life and they would be a real big deal for me..enough for me to blame the significance of my existence and start out an emotional war with God!! (Gosh reminds me of some Big B Bollywood movies)

Without this struggles and disappointments in life, there would be no fun in living life!! That’s easier said than done I know!! For only a broken heart knows the pain of tears inflicted by failed expectations.

Unfortunately, very few can actually stay cool and smiling even when they are going through their worst phase in life. But I guess, that’s the only key to tackle life, as it definitely gives a new angle and thinking which might lead one to reprioritize and reset life’s goals.

One positive thing about failures and failing to meet expectations in life is that you can always look back at them as you move on in life and revise the lessons learnt and sometimes even laugh at yourself for being so naïve and innocent.

It’s a long road When you face the world alone No one reaches out a hand For you to hold You can find love If you search within yourself And the emptiness you felt Will disappear.

There’s a hero If you look inside your heart You don’t have to be afraid Of what you are There’s an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away”

–          Song “Hero” by Mariah Carey


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