A Smart Planet!!


Let’s Build a Smart Planet..

I love this tag line of IBM. They come out with very unique taglines each time. This one throws a light on the importance of having a cleaner, greener and a technically smarter world around us.  Even as I write this people are getting diagnosed by swine flu all over the world. No people, don’t worry this is not just another write up on the do’s and don’t’s of the disease. I am sure by now everyone knows about them and being extra careful.

What scares me the most though is where our planet earth is headed to?? The beautiful globe of the Universe with green and blue colors on it representing LIFE…Is this the end?? Epidemics, earthquakes, droughts, floods, with so much of imbalance being created on this Green Planet..I wonder and ask myself the deadly question….ARE WE HEADING FOR THE DOOMSDAY ??

And to add to all of this, there is this excellently picturized movie coming out 2012. (Atleast, liked the promos!!) It has the images of entire cities being washed away by gigantic waves of ocean.

Every day there is news of some natural imbalance and environmental issue. A drought and shortage of rainfall, an earthquake or tsunami, last week’s news of melting glaciers in Himalayas, epidemics like Swine flu which are nothing but nature’s way of hitting back at us with the imbalance in lifecycle created by us.

What one might ask now is..Is it too late?? Well, who knows?? But that doesn’t mean that we stop trying saving our planet. A few days back, I really felt like giving standing ovation to a lady while travelling in the train, who was asking a fellow passenger not to throw polythene in the river outside, while the train was passing over it. She went on to explain what will happen when everyone throws one, expecting it to be just normal. We need more people like this, don’t we? Or may be.. we can become One!!

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