Confessions of a shopaholic…..!!


Confessions of a shopaholic…..!!

“Hurry!! Monsoon Sale! Upto 50% off!!”, read the ad in the newspaper. ‘And here comes the “Sale” season again’, I thought. Just when I had decided that I have had enough of shopping since last six months and won’t indulge in anymore for now. Having millions of different kinds of stylish, trendy clothes in my wardrobe, amusingly somehow, I still fall short of apt ones while getting dressed up for some event. There always seems to be a new style of top or a trendy capri that I miss out on!!

“Oh God!!! What I am gonna do now??”, after reading the ad I thought. “My wardrobe really doesn’t have any space now to accommodate any new ones”, I thought wisely, feeling really proud of my decision. But there was a devil sitting on the other side which said, “Oh, how could you possibly miss out on this?? Don’t buy anything, just go and have a look. Who knows…you might get a really nice deal for that new jeans you always dreamed about, or that new sweat shirt may be??” Now I was at cross-roads, double minded, really didn’t know what to do.

“But you really don’t need this”, again came the angelic side of my sub-conscious. Caught in the tug-of-war between two opposite frames of my mind, I decided to settle this issue later on. But throughout the day, I could not help thinking about the ad in the newspaper and the models flaunting colorful designer jackets and sunglasses. “OK, may be I will go and have a look over the weekend. I would just glance through everything. And I know, it won’t be worth giving a shot, becoz generally they have inferior designs on sale. The more appealing designs would be at original price, really expensive. So, I won’t end up spending lots, I am sure,” I was convincing myself. The devil inside me was dancing with joy, while the angel was devastated, wondering about the significance of its own existence.

I really do not forget commitments like this, so obviously, I was there inside the shopping mall next weekend. “Glancing” through everything, making sure I don’t miss out on anything special. I spotted a purple colored sweat shirt over a mannequin. It struck me because sometime back I saw the actress in a movie wearing the same color sweat shirt, and ever since then had dreamt about it. Lucky me…it was on sale. But even after a discount it was expensive for my budget. “Don’t worry madam, with our membership card you can have a 10% extra discount and on all other items too that are on sale.” Overjoyed to hear this, I ended up buying the sweat shirt and a lot more than I had planned to.

That week when I checked my account balance, well I had exhausted more than three fourths of that month’s salary over that completely unplanned shopping spree. Devil inside me stood proud feeling like the king of the moment, while the angel just evaporated somewhere……

Shopping is an excuse for a girl to runaway from the whole world when she is depressed, or celebrating the joy of a new job or achievement, giving in to that impulsive buying behavior, that makes one wonder about the buzzword these days, “Recession??”. Naah…things like this hardly matter to the fairer sex!!

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