“Love to walk in the rain, because no one can see me cry.”- Charlie Chaplin

autumn,colorful,girl,color,colors,photography-db867e053581a71b9de0646f1d3aff40_h“Love to walk in the rain, because no one can see me cry.”- Charlie Chaplin

What an ironical statement from the greatest comedians of the century. Charlie Chaplin!! Only someone who understands the significance of a smile or a loud laughter, can actually identify the emotions behind tears. 

Rains have always been associated with some kind of sentiments…it makes u feel so nice to sit inside with a cup of coffee and watch the rains from outside your window, it makes u irritated when a careless, ruthless driver passes u by throwing all the mud and filthy water on you whilst you are on your way to office in best formals, it makes u emotional and nostalgic…reminiscent of the childhood days, when we used to jump in the muddy waters in rain splashing water all around..with Mommy calling you inside loudly saying how it would catch you with a fever or cold.

Wow!!!….I love the rains….and if your talking about the Mumbai rains that make headlines every year…it can’t get better than this. There is something so special about this city that makes the rains special too. With rains comes huge number of problems in the city, the trains are running late, roads are water logged, etc. etc. But since I have gotto live with this..I think every one should enjoy the rains than rather complain because there is nothing much we can do about it. With the BMC and MSRTC playing the blame game on each other for the poor infrastructure and transport facilities during rains every year, it gets so rhetoric and stereotypical…

Besides, for all those who have offices far off in South Bombay or somewhere farther in the city, we always come up with the excuse to our bosses  “ Its raining bad..don’t think I can make it today” or “Gosh…man u should see this..its like a river”  Now you see the advantage….well I know, not everybody might feel the same but rains somehow cheer me up as they make everything look so beautiful and serene even in a city full of hustle and bustle like Mumbai. Yesterday, I took a cosy and comfortable AC bus from office..and what a view I got of the entire city in the rain..while I was in Peddar road I felt like I was in Switzerland…(hehehe…exaggeration I know). I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the Bandra Worli Sea link at a rainy night, and there it stood all proud and shining with its Bajaj lights (hehe..saw the ads in paper)…

And today I am sitting nicely at home…why?? Cos its raining outside guys!!!! God..I love the rains! J

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